12 hours

What a difference 12 hours makes. Yesterday from 4 – 5pm in the evening sunshine I was raking horse droppings in the two acre paddock with the garden rake while Swift is away for 6 weeks.

This gives the weather and the birds and insects [ hopefully] a chance to disperse the muck and improve the grazing. It is also good therapy for my ankle and other muscles which have become rather inactive over the last 10 weeks.

Then this morning we awoke to heavy snow [none was forecast] and now have 5 inches. I only managed to rake a third of the field and had planned to chip away at the rest this week. The two sheep who live in the field are totally fed up and had to be cajoled to come for their barley, in the end I had to walk right across the field to give it to them, wisely they were staying put behind the hedge for shelter. The two collie dogs complained loudly being left firmly on the other side the gate and were desperate to attract my attention and help with  my task, but they did stay when told and were rewarded with a big fuss on my return.



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4 responses to “12 hours

  1. Goodness, we’ve not had that quantity of snow. It seems to have been a long long winter

  2. We need the winter to go AWAY! I keep sieeing bits of spring that have sprung and can honestly say I have never longed for it to do so, as much as I am at present!

  3. Hope all that horrid snow has gone. We have blue sky and no snow right now but who knows what’s going to happen. Farming isn’t an easy occupation in bad weather.

    CJ xx

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