‘reality farming’

Is this a good idea? We received an email today with the following attachment which I am pasting below:

Are you sick of the rat race? Wish your life was more “Good Life” than “This Life”?
Is a day on the allotment your idea of heaven? Think you can run your own business?
BBC is looking for ten couples to take part in a new series which will really put your
aptitude for farming to the test. Over six weeks you’ll learn how to run and manage
your own farm; from animal husbandry and harvesting, to coping with the
unpredictable British weather.
The series will culminate in the winning pair getting the opportunity to live and work
on their own small farm.
Whatever your background or relationship; friends / married / siblings, as long as you
both share that yearning for a life on the farm we want to hear from you.
To apply, please email your name to farm@splashmediatv.co.uk and an application
form will be emailed to you.
Successful candidates may spend up to six weeks away from home in summer 2010.

Is this trivialising the skills of those that farm the land or is it a good thing? I can’t help but wonder if in this case a little knowledge will prove dangerous, only time will tell.

My reservations are that 6 weeks is not enough, and it does not make clear what sort of farming it is or where. Is this for the good of the industry, the animals involved or even the participants?

There is a picture of a Hereford cross Simmental cow and a sheep grazing on the advertisement [only the sheep’s body showed so I couldn’t tell what breed apart from it is white so perhaps a Texel cross] but the picture cannot be linked here.

I wonder what angle the production company are coming at this from?  Please feel free to comment.


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