wasps and wellies don’t go

After supper last night Jethro wanted help with a newly calved cow with mastitis. I went  to help and was letting the calf suckle the two front teats, but stopping him from suckling the rear two teats as they had been treated with antibiotic cream. While I watched the calf, Jethro was setting up a gate in the corner to pen the calf overnight after he’d had his fill so that he would not ingest the anti-biotic cream.

Suddenly I felt a needle like sensation in the back of my leg and another, and another. I yelped and danced trying to kick off my wellie as fast as I could. At this point the cow, normally placid, decided I was a threat to her new baby [born on Friday ] so she put her head down, complete with horns and charged me.. I yelled some more and while still on one leg ducked away from her line of fire, Jethro dropped the gate he was fixing and batted her on the nose…

Not sure what health and safety would have made of the goings on but eventually I got the gate open and hopped out in one Wellington boot to safety and spent the rest of the evening stinking of vinegar with several ice packs and an anti-histamine tablet. Jethro sorted out the cow and calf and they spent a quiet night and he let the calf out to suckle again this morning. I have stuck blobs of  Savlon on dressings on the afflicted parts to prevent infection, and we carry on.

I do keep repeating this… never work with animals.. but as far as I am aware a wasp is an insect and I never planned to work with these.



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2 responses to “wasps and wellies don’t go

  1. Blossom

    Oh heck that sounds very painful I hate wasps lucky you are not too allergic to them, my hubby carries and injection around with him, because he swells like a balloon.

  2. oonagh doyle

    Wasps…………………………………………………..good for nothing blurry insects!

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