unexpected consequences

Everything is happening today: silage making in big bales, combining previously swathed oil seed rape [ canola], and then the vet was required.

A pig was ill and not responding to the treatment we gave her, the milking cow had a discharge from her rear end that needed investigating, and a boar needed his feet trimming.

The first two were straightforward, the vet diagnosed metritis – infection of the womb – and has changed the antibiotic to a stronger one than the one we gave last night. We have also given something to reduce fever and make her feel better, the piggy equivalent of ibuprofen. The pig only farrowed on Monday night, and we thought she’d passed all the afterbirth, so this infection has struck very quick. The sow will not even eat fresh carrot tops from the garden and this particular pig is not known for her fastidiousness! Still hopefully by tomorrow she will have turned the corner and do her 8 piglets well.

Following internal examination the cow was deemed to be ok , with a normal if slightly heavy discharge following parturition [ birth] 11 days ago. A good result.

The boar was a completely different matter. The vet sedated him on arrival, so the drug would have time to work while we did the other jobs. He was a bit sleepy but not out cold.  Stressnil was used. Jethro tickled the pig behind his ear until he lay down, then he rubbed the boars tummy while the vet started to trim the feet. All went well for a while then the boar suddenly became very lively and all at once it dawned on us that he was actually extremely aroused and as he weighs in excess of 380kg this could be somewhat dangerous. After the boar made several clear advances towards Jethro we all had to dash for the exit, however the vet and I were so convulsed with laughter that we escaped and left all the equipment in the pen. We eventually bribed the boar away from the box with food to retrieve the instruments and had to decide to call it a day.

Methinks Jethro will never quite live this one down!

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