all go as usual

There is never a slack time on a farm, especially a mixed farm but lately we seem to be either very busy all the time or as we are currently FLAT OUT.. I expect this will last for several weeks as we have a lot of silage and hay to make, and the wheat fields will be ready to harvest in about 10 days also.

It is a pity really as I feel I need a break.. perhaps a break will only occur in my dreams and actually a restful night at my age would probably do me more good. I have had a lot of busy dreams lately and wake up almost too tired to want to get up. It is a tough life being the ‘mother of agriculture’, I feel I have been farming for centuries.

We are still combining oil seed rape [canola], and also making silage. There are tractors and trailers going all hours in and out of the yards bringing back either the seeds or bales. The seeds are tipped in the grain store, and the bales are wrapped in plastic and stacked ready for use in the winter.

The sow who was so ill with metritis yesterday  has had a remarkable recovery and may not now be able to finish her course of antibiotics. This is not at all good from a veterinary point of view, something Jethro is  so meticulous about, however she has become VERY aggressive towards ANYONE who enters her living quarters we may have no other option, if we wish to stay in one piece, but to not finish the course of injections.

Meanwhile the boar seems very content, after his excitement yesterday, I wonder why!


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