Allegiance has changed..

I wished I had my camera in the bathroom last night. No, this is not something kinky, just another snapshot of rural life.

I looked out of the window to see a scene reminiscent of a much-loved traditional children’s book..

Except Mr McGregor [aka Jethro] did not carry a spade but a loaded shotgun.  Something has been eating our brassica seedlings planted in July, but we did not know what. Then a single rabbit was spotted inside the garden, which was problematic as we have fixed rabbit fencing on three sides of the garden, and electric rabbit netting on the fourth side. The netting is taken down periodically to allow access for cultivation with large-scale agricultural machinery to ease the workload of seasonal digging.

The rabbit hid amongst the three rows of potatoes and Jethro strode through the long green tops, gun in hand, seriously intent on killing the intruder. Two shots were fired and the rabbit ran, first to the right then to the left, eventually with both barrels fired, for a second time, at his rear end he shot out under the electric fence [I think he has used this route before] and vanished into the countryside beyond.

The electric fence has been re-checked and firmly pegged down, and we hope this bunny got the message.

As a boy Jethro loved the story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, however as a keen vegetable grower and farmer if rabbits cause him a problem they become public enemy No 1.

How times have changed.



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2 responses to “Allegiance has changed..

  1. Tiggywinkle

    This blog has made me laugh. When we lived in the country I had restored an old vegetable garden, and the following year we were plagued with Rabbits. My husband would get so annoyed he would go out with his gun. I couldn’t bear to see him shoot a rabbit as I was a Beatrix Potter fan. They atet everything in sight, and became so cheeky, not even moving when I would go in to chase them out. Sadly local farmers brought in an infected rabbit, as there was extensive damage done to crops that year. It broke my heart to see the poor rabbits suffer so much.

  2. Naughty bunny; gun definitely needed I would say.

    CJ xx

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