horsey people

What is it with horsey people?

I have recently shaken hands on a deal to buy a new steed, paid a cash deposit of 4%, and summoned the vet to check the animal over. The night before the vet was due, a message was left on my phone to say we are now not selling! I am amazed in these difficult financial times, with horses slow to sell and a severe shortage of hay, and I was led to believe a new pony was waiting in the wings.

I now await the return of my deposit. Watch this space.

Edit: A cheque has arrived and been paid straight into the bank….. I will check the balance in a few days

2nd Edit: Thankfully the cheque cleared, and I have now found another possible pony from a reputable home, and will be booking the vet. The funny thing is that we do think this gelding will be even better than the original one and is cheaper. Funny how these things happen although it doesn’t always seem like it at the time.


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