more than an inch of rain

An inch of rain overnight, and even more rain today, has brought the 2010 harvest to an abrupt halt, and ceased the previous worries of winter grass stocks, although forage stocks will remain short.  Since it started raining a couple of weeks ago the grass in the fields has gone mad, and as no-one has time to cut the farmhouse lawns, they look as if they need grazing by 20 sheep right now!

Undaunted by last week’s experiences, I am venturing off to view 4 more ponies tomorrow, and hoping for dry weather or else it could become a bit steamy in the car. At least two changes of clothing will be required, and a toothbrush, just in case, we accidentally get flooded somewhere although I do hope to be home again by nightfall.

Then back to work sorting of the fat lambs on Wednesday and hopefully off to market to sell them the old-fashioned way on Thursday.


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