What on earth…..

What on earth is going on… this is a really shocking story from BBC Wales.

Click here to read about the slaughter of horned cows.

It is also reported here in the Daily Mail

We are not in a position to comment much except we are very shocked.

However, I should point out many farmers work with horned cattle safely on a daily basis and shooting loose cattle is very, very dangerous as the likelihood of stray bullets and an unclean kill requiring several shots and much suffering from the animal as well as the onlookers is incredibly high.

Only once or twice in a long lifetime of livestock farming have I seen a loose animal shot out of total necessity because it was maddened and very distressed.  And this was only after we had tried sedation and the vet first. It is totally different from destroying an animal which is contained and I feel it is a very irresponsible action to take.

One wonders what the risk assessment for this terrible action was?

Whatever the real problem was, and they may be more to it, we are all completely outraged and this was not the way to solve it.



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4 responses to “What on earth…..

  1. Cait

    I am LIVID and ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED and am forwarding this link to my daughter and SIL (farmers). I cannot believe such a thing would happen in this country and I hope the perpetrators are punished.

  2. Shocking. There must be more to this story than is reported (badly) in the press?
    There was some debate about it on Police Inspector Gadgets blog, as the implication seemed to be that police marksmen had shot the animals. But they didn’t, if you read further on into the article. ‘He said the final decision to slaughter the 30 animals was not taken by police and officers had no involvement in it’
    It seems a dangerous and inappropriate response. I’m wondering if it was made as a result of the cattle not being registered. I’m told we have some cattle ‘stuck’ in a field out here, because of how they have been kept, they are not by definition in a state that can be ‘rescued’ by the RSPCA but nor can they be moved (but you know how local stories can be full of inaccuracies 🙂

  3. Thanks to both of you for replying. I think we will get to the bottom of it in the end, especially if there is enough interest, but what we have read has to be an incomplete story.
    The region it has happened in is a livestock area, which begs the question as to why ‘the situation’ was not handled better
    Shooting cattle outside is very dangerous.

  4. norma murray

    This is such a bizarre incident, I feel sure there are other issues here that haven’t yet been revealed. Could it be the animals were in such a neglected state that it was felt too cruel to move them. I have heard of animals having to be destroyed in situ because they are too poorly to be moved.

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