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Been absent for a while

I’ve been away a while, but now I am back!

Look out for new posts coming soon and new skills. As well as a revamp of the blog, new pics, and new ideas.

Quick update: Ruby, the house cow, is milking well after calving 2 weeks ago. Last year she had twins so we had no milk, but we are waiting for the eventual beef.

Cheese and yogurt making are ‘in’ for 2012 in preparation for the next batch of school visits.  We had Labneh cheese for lunch and Greek yogurt for supper last night. The Greek yogurt was home made from a batch of yogurt which was then strained through a muslin, but for not as long as the Labneh cheese. The cheese also contained salt.


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What on earth…..

What on earth is going on… this is a really shocking story from BBC Wales.

Click here to read about the slaughter of horned cows.

It is also reported here in the Daily Mail

We are not in a position to comment much except we are very shocked.

However, I should point out many farmers work with horned cattle safely on a daily basis and shooting loose cattle is very, very dangerous as the likelihood of stray bullets and an unclean kill requiring several shots and much suffering from the animal as well as the onlookers is incredibly high.

Only once or twice in a long lifetime of livestock farming have I seen a loose animal shot out of total necessity because it was maddened and very distressed.  And this was only after we had tried sedation and the vet first. It is totally different from destroying an animal which is contained and I feel it is a very irresponsible action to take.

One wonders what the risk assessment for this terrible action was?

Whatever the real problem was, and they may be more to it, we are all completely outraged and this was not the way to solve it.


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Signs of spring

We have some unmistakable signs of spring:

longer days,

birds pairing off,

geese on the move – flying overhead in their V formations,

grass, weeds and clover growing in the pastures,

sap rising in the hedges and some are almost budding.


What a contrast to last year, and far too early as it is only mid-Feb and winter could easily return. Here’s hoping for a long mild spring,  which could lead to a good strong crop of young calves and lambs and even potentially a good harvest.


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a funny farming face

FACE stands for farming and countryside education. It is an organisation which is passionate about educating children about food and farming.

They have enlisted the help of one of the UK’s funniest comedians, Bill Bailey,  and last summer they made a video to help get their message across. Enjoy.

We love the shorts and wellies!

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Great food, sensible prices

Finally, we made it to the famous Little Chef at Popham.You can’t miss it as the sign is unique [see below].

Lunch on Monday was really great. Fantastic service and delicious food. It was a world away from so many roadside eateries, and the countless other mediocre meals served up daily in restaurants and pubs all over the country to the unsuspecting British public and tourists. I had the Coq au Vin with tasty and fluffy mashed potatoes and excellent peas.

A freshly cooked main course is served up for under a tennner and if all meals out were like this when we went out to eat life would be so very much better. As it is we frequently struggle to eat as well out as we do at home. Pubs and restaurants are rarely visited more than once, sometimes only twice.

Be assured Little Chef @ Popham, we will be back and we urge anyone who is passing westwards down the M3 and onto the A303 to stop for a meal. If you are keen to have a traditional LC fry up then you still can but I urge you to try a real meal from the menu. Next time I shall to try the signature dish. We did not try a pudding as we knew we’d be out again for a meal in the evening, but hope to next time.

The family will tell you what a very bad customer I can be when out for a meal but it is only because the food and service is often so lacking. The last previously good place we went to delivered a human hair under my salad… As I finished the salad I found the hair.. and no  I did not have pudding after that, you can imagine I did not feel like it.

Keep up the good work Popham LC and grateful thanks to Heston Blumenthal and Channel 4!

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Thanks for reading and following my blog. There will be more updates soon.

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very agricultural prime time TV

We are not quite sure how this very agricultural advert got on primetime TV, but it is extremely popular with the farming fraternity who enjoy all the demo tractors, and the young farmers. Enjoy!


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