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a funny farming face

FACE stands for farming and countryside education. It is an organisation which is passionate about educating children about food and farming.

They have enlisted the help of one of the UK’s funniest comedians, Bill Bailey,  and last summer they made a video to help get their message across. Enjoy.

We love the shorts and wellies!


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Boris’s economics

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, shows a deep understanding of both the country and the countryside in his latest blog entry. It is a brilliant read and should be thoroughly enjoyed by all those who applaud good writing.

I say no more.

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Good afternoon

This is the start of a blog, one designed to enthuse, inform and comment on all things rural and agricultural, covering:

farming,  how food is produced,  local food,  food security,  food miles, countryside, fly tipping, animals, people, regulations, nature, bio fuels, AND  all sorts of other things.

It is brought to you by Dorothy Tull [nee Buckeridge] – the mother of one of the greatest agriculturalists of all time – Jethro Tull.

Jethro Tull has on occasion been called the father of English agriculture so does that make Dorothy the mother of agriculture by default?

The original Jethro Tull is famous, hardworking, honest and known the whole world over for revolutionizing agricultural methods in the 1700’s by designing a seed drill to sow several rows at once. This device saved time and improved germination rates at a time when food was in short supply. Now in 2008 food and farming is once again an important topic.

Up until now her daily tasks have been to look after the family, keep careful accounts and also in busy times to help outside on the farm. However, she currently feels so strongly that both farmers and farming are constantly misrepresented she has taken off her pinny (apron) and picked up her pen.

Dorothy is learning to cope with the technology, the language, and hardest of all – 21st Century life both on the farm as well and in society in general.

Now she is to adapt and speak out in public will her life ever be the same?

Please bookmark this page to be sure to read the next installment from the one and only Mrs Dorothy Tull.

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